Needo-understand holistic education in NEP as symbol of 3P for becoming global citizens : Prof. M.M. Goel

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Indore , January 04 : “ Needo-understand holistic education in NEP as symbol of promise, performance and perfection for becoming global citizens ,” believes Propounder Needonomics School of Thought Dr Madan Mohan Goel, Former Vice-Chancellor superannuated Professor from Kurukshetra University. He was addressing the participants of the NEP Orientation & Sensitization Program (online mode) organized by UGC- Malviya Mission Teacher Training Centre (MMTTC) Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore. His topic was “Holistic Education: Gita-based Thought on Needonomics”. Prof Namrata Sharma Director MMTTC delivered the welcome address and presented a citation on the achievements of Prof. M.M. Goel.

To make the National Education Policy (NEP) sufficient for holistic education, we must adopt a well-defined Public-Private –Partnership (PPP) model ensuring minimizing the challenges in its implementation, believes Prof. Goel.

For holistic education, we must understand and adopt Gita-based thought on needonomics, explained Needonomist Goel.

Needo-education of needonomics as a commonsense approach is a necessary and sufficient condition for holistic education, said Prof. Goel.

The domain of needonomics includes needo-consumption, needo-saving, needo-investment, needo-growth, needo-exports, needo-altruism for needo-wealth, needo-health, and needo-happiness, said Prof. Goel.

To script a new narrative of holistic education, we must be bold, courageous, and enthusiastic to become street SMART (simple, moral, action-oriented, responsive, and transparent) global citizens, explained Prof. Goel.

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