We require to inculcate nationalism among the youth : Prof. M M Goel

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Needo –introspection on 77th Independence Day

To celebrate the 77th Independence Day on August 15 in our beloved Bharat (made of two words ‘Bha’ –meaning knowledge and ‘Rata’ means knowledge seeker) as a knowledge seeker economy, we must inculcate the spirit of nationalism among all including youth and children. My guru Gita (the heart of Krishan) talks of Bharat 22 times (1.24, 2.10, 2.14,2.18, 2.28, 2.30,3.25,4.7, 4.42,7.27,11.6,13.3,13.34, 14.3,14.8, 14.9,14.10,15.19, 15.20,16.1-3, 17.3, 18.62) is sufficient for me to work without worries (www) for Bharat to be Swarnim towards 2047.

We have to hoist the tricolour to unfurling many dreams by embracing new possibilities for reviving true nationalism of the kind existing among heroes of the freedom struggle. We have to emerge from the shadow that no longer exists by singing the national anthem.

There are three kinds of interest including self-interest, vested interest (family, neighbourhood, caste, region and religion) and above all the national interest. Protecting the interest of others is known as parhit (paropkar) in Hindi as social interest, the social service is a necessary part of life as parhit is the real Dharma for us.

To understand, analyze, interpret and draw policy implications for the Indian economy on Independence Day, let us introspect INDIA as Independent, Non-violent (International recognition by UN as Oct. 2 Non-violence Day), Democracy (strength or weakness), Integrity (All Indians minus politicians who are not faithful to the intentions of the will of people) and Amity (emotions and feelings for relationship management with information revolution without crimes and corruption). We need to rediscover INDIA for Swarnim Bharat towards 2047.

To ensure needo-happiness and joy of real freedom, we have to perceive things with a positive mindset without worries of any kind.

For the economic freedom of Indians in Swarnim Bharat towards 2047, we certainly require to inculcate nationalism among the youth of the kind during the freedom struggle by Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru with an attitude of gratitude.

To do things at the right time in the right perspectives with a vision for productive work including worship as duty, we must develop willpower along with courage and enthusiasm. Willpower involves two dimensions including a clear mind with (an intelligence quotient- IQ ) and a pure heart with (an emotional quotient- EQ) . To develop our willpower, we must practice unconditional love for worship as work with courage and enthusiasm needed today for safe and sustainable tomorrow for Indians in Bharat to be Swarnim towards 2047.

We have to understand and adopt the principle of needonomics in totality which includes needo-consumption, needo-saving, needo-production, needo-investment, needo-distribution, altruism, needo-trade for glocalization ( think globally and act locally).

To create demand for Indian goods and services in a foreign land, there is a strong case for adopting the NAW (Need, Affordability and Worth) approach to international marketing.

We must search for solutions to worldly problems in Needonomics as Indian Knowledge System creates synergy between ancient wisdom and contemporary issues.

We have to address illness in the behaviour of all the stakeholders as consumers, producers, distributors, traders, policymakers and politicians.

Needo-happiness, needo-prosperity, needo-education and needo-health of future generations depend on us being street SMART (simple, moral, action-oriented, responsive and transparent) in controlling ego, anger and greed with struggle and hard work on Needonomics School of Thought.

We have to play the role of street-smart consumers, producers, distributors and traders in the national interest without groupings of various kinds and creeds. We have to adopt the art of giving more than the art of living.

To see Bharat as Swarnim towards 2047, we need to use concave lenses which unite the nation and not divide by using convex lenses.

We must understand Yog is summation as one plus one equal to one (1+1=1) in spiritual mathematics propounded in Gita as one soul added to god becomes one. To address various challenges of physical, mental and spiritual health, we need to adopt SATYAM as the Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation promoted by the Department of Science and Technology as Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI).

To sum up, needo-continue honest efforts to ensure freedom from ego, anger and greed causing corruption, terrorism, adulteration, distress, deprivation, discrimination and discontent. The time has come to be serious about the needo-struggle for spiritually guided materialism authenticated in Gita Sloka 9.22. We must become street SMART with Gita –based Needonomics as a common sense approach for India as Swarnim Bharat towards 2047. Needo-education of needonomics is a necessary and sufficient condition for Bharat becoming the largest economy in the world.

Happy Independence Day!

*The writer is former Vice-Chancellor known as Propounder Needonomics School of Thought and superannuated from Kurukshetra University.

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