ICAT to Organise Two Days International Symposium on Automotive Tyre Technology

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Gurugram : International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) is organising 4th edition of  iSATT  ( International Symposium on Automotive Tyre Technology ). In view of ongoing pandemic, this year version will be held digitally online in the form of webinar on 14th -15th – January, 2021.

This webinar will provide opportunity to more than 300 professionals working in the Tyre Technology domain directly or indirectly, to come together on common platform to discuss the latest developments in the field of Automotive Tyre Technology.

According to ICAT Director, Dinesh Tyagi experts from automotive industry, test facilities, test equipment manufactures and research institutes from various countries apart from India will share their experience about the development of Future Tyre Technologies. They will explain all aspects of Tyre Safety and Performance as per the need of today’s need of automobile industry as well as consumers of this sector. He said that the seminar will also focus on the latest advancements in the Indian and worldwide automotive Tyre Regulations.

Shri Tyagi said that the government has notified regulations for tyres, safety glass and external projections, among others, under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR). The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made amendments in CMVR.

The specification for the tyre pressure monitoring system ( TPMS) for vehicles up to maximum mass of 3.5 tonnes has also been provided.

He opined that TPMS monitors inflation pressure of the tyre or its variation and transmits the information to the driver, thereby enhancing the road safety.

In CMVR tyre repair kit has been prescribed in case of a puncture while requirement of the additional tyre has been done away with in such vehicles provided with the tyre repair kit and TPMS, shri Tyagi said.

This is as per the international standards which will enable more space which may accommodate batteries for EVs etc, he stated.

ICAT Director said that this year ” we are introducing the event virtually to make it more social and reachable.

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