Prof. M.M. Goel gets Rashtrapita Rashtriya Samman 2023 for Needonomics as Non-violence in Economics

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Pune, 02 October  : Former Vice-Chancellor Professor (Dr) Madan Mohan Goel superannuated from Dept. of Economics Kurukshetra University, stands honoured with the coveted ‘ Rashtrapita Rashtriya Samman’ by Global Scholars Foundation at Hotel Orchid Pune for his contributions as Propounder Needonomics School of Thought promoting non-violence in economics.

On this occasion, Prof. Goel while paying his tribute to Mahatma Gandhi explained the Gita-based principle of Needonomics in totality which includes needo-consumption, needo-saving, needo-production, needo-investment, needo-distribution, altruism, needo-trade for glocalization ( think globally and act locally) with NAW approach of needo-marketing.

He said that Spirituality and materialism are complimentary and justify spiritually guided materialism strategy flowing from Gita authenticated in sloka 22 of chapter 09 used by LIC of India in its logo ‘‘Yogakshemam Vahamyaham’ (Your welfare is our responsibility).

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