Eradicate Spiritual Poverty for Needo-happiness: Message on International Happiness Day

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by Professor Madan Mohan Goel

To commemorate International Happiness Day on March 20 more than an annual ritual, we require needo-search for happiness within by learning to cherish our happy moments as insurance of life authenticated in sloka no22 of chapter 09 of Gita used in the logo of LIC of India ‘Yogakshemam Vahamyaham’(Your welfare is our responsibility).

Happiness is a state of mind and should be lived within. We are rich when we are happy with what we have. We must learn soft skills and techniques for the spiritual transformation of needo-life as a life skill. We must eradicate spiritual poverty as the absence of inner peace even with material richness as millionaire, billionaire and trillionaire. We must learn to distinguish between need, greed, desire, want and demand. Needs are few and limited and greed is limitless. Luxury and lies have huge maintenance costs. But truth and simplicity are self-maintained without any cost. We must spend time to search bliss and lasting happiness within.

It must be understood that spirituality is the art and science of searching for happiness by doing the right things at the right time at the right place with an attitude of gratitude. The question we have to do what, why, when, where for whom should be understood and replied to by all of us as human beings.

To be established in our immortal nature as souls, we must lift the veil of illusive change for searching needo-happiness hidden behind the screen of our consciousness as a failure, discontent, disease, anger with ego in behaviour. Needo-understand the relation between a smile and our face. Our face looks beautiful with a smile. But a smile looks better when it’s on the face. Needo- smiling even if plastic smile as an actor. We must make every day a fantastic day with smiles and happiness with the glow of spiritual strength. Happiness is the ultimate goal of every one of us. We do everything for the sake of getting happiness. Needo-happiness is within reach of a common person (not only men) but women and transgender also.

By exercising self-control and cultivating the habit of simple living and no thinking, we can secure needo-happiness. No thinking does not mean that we should not think but think of those things which are in our control and forget about the results beyond our control. This is the message of my Guru Gita-the heart of Krishan.

It is always worth remembering that life is a drama to be performed as a hero (soul) for getting the heroin (education of the self) with needo-love without villains of ego, anger and tensions of all kinds. Unhappy parts in the drama of life cannot be cured but be endured with reverence as punishment for spiritual blindness and spiritual bankruptcy. We must be honest to seek needo-happiness within ourselves.

To move ahead for needo-happiness with morality, opulence, victory and empowerment (MOVE), we must accept Krishan as God, the greatest teacher and Arjun as the soul of the self. This is the message of Eka Sloki Gita (Gita in one sloka) included in the Vishnu Sahasranamam. “Yathra Yogeeswara Krushno, Yatha Partho Dhanurdhara, Thathra srirvijayo bhoothir, Druva neethir mama.”(BG, Chapter 18, Verse, 78). We must agree to search research and discover needo-happiness within as a template for the future of Swarnim Bharat towards 2047 as a global leader with the highest gross national happiness index of more than 40 Trillion economy as economic calculus in terms of GDP. We must work together with shared responsibility for ensuring needo-happiness, needo-health and needo-wealth.

* The writer is former Vice-Chancellor known as Founder Needonomics School of Thought and a superannuated Professor of Kurukshetra University.

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