Indian Robotics Solution Develops Thermal Corona Combat Drone & Headgear

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 Headgear is able to Scan People’s Temperatures from 3-4m Distance

TCCD Can Scan Over 600 People in 3 Hours of Flight Time : Sagar Gupta Naugriya

New Delhi: A start-up, Indian Robotics Solution, a part of Indian Robo Store group, founded by Sagar Gupta Naugriya developed and successfully tested a Penta-Performer drone named ‘Thermal Corona Combat Drone- TCCD’ . It is equipped to serve the solution for five problems during COVID-19 outspread, namely Sanitization, Thermal Screening, Announcement, Medication & Surveillance (day & night), simultaneously !

The drone has a thermal camera to screen the elevated body temperature from a distance of 10-12 Metres and a day vision camera to see the real image of the personal. It has a facility of disinfectant tank to sanitize the area when the suspected person is taken away for further tests. A spotlight with a night utility camera, a loudspeaker for giving instructions and a medical box to carry essentials like medicines or portable COVID testing kits are also incorporated in this drone .

Sagar Gupta Naugriya, Founder, Indian Robotics Solution said “Once the prototype is fully completed as a product, TCCD can scan over 600 people in 3 hours of flight time. This will help the officials to detect the infected person and take them for secondary screening”. He added- “We have been approached by various governments and health authorities who displayed interests in its deployment in a  large scale”.

Recently, the company also designed India’s first land-to-land thermal detection equipment. It has been named as Thermal Corona Combat Headgear. This equipment will help the security personnel to detect a person’s temperature even from a distance of 3-4 meters, thereby ensuring the safety of the frontline warriors and enforcing social distancing. With the help of this equipment, live imagery can also be sent to a centralized control centre. Frontline workers can scan people without coming in their close contact in public areas like hospitals, supermarkets and crowded areas.

This equipment has been developed at a time when many frontline warriors like police personnel and healthcare workers have tested positive while fighting the Corona pandemic. Many healthcare workers got infected after coming in close contact with Corona Positive patients during their treatment.

Prashant Pillai, Co-Founder- Indian Robotics Solutions said “We would need executional assistance from the government as well as financial support from VC’s to increase the production of our drones and headgears, as we plan to bolster India’s bid to eradicate the novel corona virus.” We also look forward to building a consortium where the Government, private players and technologists can come together under one umbrella to fight the novel corona virus effectively.” he added.

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