Nation needs commitment and honesty from all stakeholders including politicians in power & opposition : Prof. MM. Goel

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For a smooth journey of the Indian economy @75 to 100 in 2047 as ‘Swarnim Bharat’, we need the commitment and honesty of the stakeholders including politicians in power and opposition: Prof. MM. Goel

Kurukshetra, June 25 – “ For the smooth journey from ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’2022 to ‘Swarnim Bharat’ in 2047, we need commitment and honesty of the stakeholders including politicians in power and opposition”, opined Professor M.M. Goel Founder of Needonomics School of Thought who has been Vice-Chancellor in public and private universities of India. He was addressing an online webinar on “Indian Economy @75 towards 100: Opportunities, Challenges & Road Ahead” organised by Mumbai-based ENQUBE Collaborations. Dr M. Narindra, former CMD of Indian Overseas Bank delivered the welcome address and presented a citation on the achievements of Prof. M.M. Goel.

All types of deficits such as fiscal, revenue, budget, primary, trade and above all trust can be addressed by reducing the coefficient of distrust and by saying no to free-rider problems requiring implementation of the user pay principle with self-consciousness Needonomist Goel.

We have to address illness in the behaviour of all the stakeholders as consumers, producers, distributors, traders, policymakers and politicians, told Prof. Goel.

To face the challenges in all aspects of the Indian economy caused by overpopulation, free-rider problem, insensitivity of the people to the gender issues, terrorism, corruption, all kinds of crimes, discontent, deprivations and discriminations caused by Greedonomics, there is a strong case for understanding and adopting needonomics, explained Prof. Goel.

For Swarnim Bharat in 2047, we need faith in the capabilities and capacities of Indian youth based on disciplined needo-lifestyle, told Prof. Goel.

We need healthy discussions among stakeholders for developing well-structured rules for all the sectors as a sunk cost, told Needonomist Goel.

We must abolish superfluous laws and change our looks, actions and words to be the needo-law of the land, believes Prof. Goel.

To work without worries for Swarnim Bharat, we need real education as proper, productive and practical (3P) use of head, heart and hands (3H), believes founder Needonomics School of Thought.

To create demand for the goods and services, there is a strong case for adopting the NAW (Need, Affordability and Worth) approach to international marketing, believes Prof. Goel.

Peace, progress and prosperity (3P) of all with visible, immediate and practical (VIP) solutions to the problems with zero risk calls for experiencing needonomics without any political angle, believes Prof. Goel.

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